Message from the Goddess Isis:
Reciprocate to yourself when you reach this point of time. The end of a year is phase to prepare you to glide into the threshold of a new year. You have moved through so many challenges in 2013, gaining your self-mastery on each and every step of your way. So now it is time to take stock of yourself, chuck the old and adopt the new, especially in your own belief system.

Please look into areas that you can love yourself more, generate heaps of happiness and abundance flow back to your life. Remember my child, all the clearing and healing processes are worth doing them when you hold the focus to shift your paradigm from a negative to a positive state of living. One of our purposes is to help you to understand your duality existence on Earth. While you attain the wisdom of this masculine and feminine existence, you will also master and take charge of your life elements. Abundance of all positivity is always available and it awaits you to claim your rights.

Friendly Reminder: Dear Divine Ones, for this meditation please bring along your favorite:

  1. Abundance crystal (Yellow crystal): Citrine, Topaz, Honey Calcite and Golden Rutilated Quartz.
  2. Manifesting crystal: Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye, Orange Calcite, Spirit Quartz and Fairy Quartz.