Crystal Visionary, Wizard, High Priest and Yoga Coach.

Tristen Churn discovered his Clairvoyant ability at a very young tender age but due to fear, shut that gift down which proved to be a life's lesson well learnt. Two decades later he bravely re-activated his Clairvoyant ability and went even further into developing other abilities: Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Claircognizance and soon enough began offering his healing services to the general public.

On a fateful September of 2010, with the support of the Ascended Masters, his Soul initiated an enormous karmic releasing experience that plunged him into a 2.5 year catharsis which later revealed a deep personal mastery within.

The stages of intense real life karmic releasing to understand distorted mental patterns, emotional havoc and energy burdens with Duality extremes of love and hatred, light and darkness proved to be a major shift where he nearly lost his life until divine intervention stepped in to save him. He then understood that it was only a temporary stage in his life and from then on drew even more passion and love for spiritual work coupled with further understanding of the human experience on Earth.

Tristen's work is inspired by the Divinities and Spiritual Masters such as Judy Satori and Almine, his family members and friends. Tristen connects to his Soul's wisdom on Crystals, Starseed, Yogi and various civilizations as the foundation of his services. By becoming a multi-dimensional Crystal & Elohim Channeller, Healer and Yoga Coach, he communicates with Crystals, Ascended Masters and Star Beings to bring in love, wisdom and their therapeutic energies for the human race to heal. Spiritually, he chooses to become a Conduit of Lights and Frequencies specializing in Crystal Intelligence since 2008 which involves Crystal Healing, Activation, Attunement and the Advancement of human systems.

Since 2008, Tristen’s evolving metaphysical work covers Inner Child Healing, Soul Mate Healing, Maternal & Paternal Emotional Patterns, Karmic Healing, Physical and Spiritual Regenerative Healing, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Healing, Akashic Healing, Multi-Dimensional Light and Sound Healing, Star Systems’ Healing, ceremonies, blessings and more. He provides intuitive energy services in Tarot and Oracle card reading (since 2004), channelling, healing, meditations, workshops of Crystals, Abundance Love and Magic Series. He travels to places such as the different states of Malaysia as well as overseas like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries. His sharing is available at website: and Facebook page: Tristen Churn – Crystal Visionary & Healer.


Tristen在年幼時就察觉到自己拥有"透视能力"的天赋,可是因內心的惶恐不安, 而把這天赋能力压抑於心灵深处,备而不用。往后,种种的经历证实了这是他生命中必須克服的课题。廿年后,在机缘巧合之下,让他鼓起勇氣重新开启了透视能力,再启动了听觉,触觉,内心知觉,通灵和疗愈能力,而为大众做心灵辅导,能量疗愈服务。


Tristen的身心灵服务是受到各类高灵,国际心灵大师如Judy Satori 和Almine,他的家人和亲朋戚友的影响。在这一世,Tristen銜接到他的灵魂智慧库中的水晶,星际种子,瑜伽和佛教谱系作为他服务的基础。做为一个多元化通灵师,疗愈师和瑜伽导师,他和各类水晶,高灵和星际人员作沟通以对人传达崇高的仁爱,智慧,真理以及各种疗愈能量。在心灵道路上,他选择成为光和频率的使者,尤其是在水晶智能领域,如水晶疗愈,启动和激励人类能源系统。

自2008年,Tristen所提供的进化式身心灵服务包括疗愈内在小孩,灵魂伴侣疗愈,母性和父性情绪模式,业力疗愈,身心灵重生疗愈,灵魂复苏疗愈,前世回溯疗愈,阿卡萨记录疗愈,多維空间聲光疗愈,星系疗愈,祈福儀式等等。他也提供塔罗和心灵牌卡解读(自2004年),通灵,静心,水晶丰盛工作坊,爱之工作坊,启动透视能力,魔法工作坊等等。同时,他常到世界各地如马来西亚州属,中国,香港,新加玻,台湾和泰国提供相关服务。而他个人的分享可参阅以下网址: 和脸书个人首页:Tristen Churn – Crystal Visionary & Healer 水晶占卜师和疗愈师

Media Highlights

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Timely message shared by the Crystal Kingdom on 21 Dec 2012: The anticipated new dawn of our New Earth. This channeled recording also speak of the future developments of our Fifth dimensional environment in 2013.

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KUALA LUMPUR, 30 Nov 2012: Yoga coach and crystal therapist, Tristen Churn gave The Malaysian Times (TMT) an insightful look into the spiritual and holistic world of healing during Friday Talk Show with TMT.

New Straits Times - Healing Crystals

KUALA LUMPUR, 5 Oct 2010: Crystals have long fascinated us with their captivating colours and extraordinary forms. Throughout history these beautiful stones have been coveted as ornaments and adornments.