Message from Amethyst & Purple Fairy Quartz
"Some time ago, when people mentioned about Clairvoyant skill, they always conceive the misconception of seeing lower realm entities, which is not the usual case. As people return to the origin of their sensing abilities, it is important to understand that the human’s senses are designed by the Divine to sense tangible and intangible substances. In this context, intangible substances may include energies, lights, sound, frequencies and more.

To all people, Clairvoyant skill offers numerous usages and it is a kind of communication tool. You utilize this tool to perceive energies and its peers for a constructive application in life. When you delve deeper into it, you will flourish for more stages of clearing, healing and attunement. You will unearth yourself more and will be amazed by the unique design of your own body. Blessings from the Crystal Kingdom."

Prerequisites: It is helpful if you have some basic understanding of crystals. This workshop is special in its own therapeutic energies, frequencies, healing and activation techniques to heighten your Clairvoyance. Benefits channelled via the guidance of Crystals & Higher Beings include:

  • To disintegrate confusions and illusions on Clairvoyance;
  • Learning Fifth Dimensional Chakra System and their basic functions;
  • Transmute the distorted patterns that hinder you from perceiving Higher Beings and energies; and
  • Adopting a loving and grounded way to observe visions with much clarity and stability.

Gentle Reminder: For this workshop, kindly wear comfortable clothing and a pair of pants. Please bring along 1 piece each of the following crystals in the raw or tumbled form:

  1. Pink crystal: Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite and etc.
  2. Purple crystal: Amethyst, Sugilite, Purple Fairy Quartz and etc.
  3. White crystal: Selenite, Ulexite, Howlite and etc.
  4. Clear crystal: Clear Quartz, Lemurian Crystal, Phantom Quartz Crystal and etc.



基本条件: 对水晶有基本的认识。这特殊工作坊具备多种疗愈能量,频率,疗程、以及各种启动和强化透视能力的技术。透过水晶与高灵的引导,您身心灵将接受的恩典如下:

  • 瓦解对透视力所产生的疑虑与幻觉;
  • 第五次元脉轮系统的认识与基本功能;
  • 纠正和转化对接触高灵和能量的错误观念;
  • 以仁爱,踏实,清晰的方式去接受"视觉讯息"。

贴心叮咛: 亲爱的,请在工作坊之前先用午餐,以舒适服饰(裤装为首选)出席这工作坊。亦请携带以下各1块水晶来参于这活动:

  1. 粉红色水晶:粉晶,菱锰矿,蔷薇辉石等。
  2. 紫色水晶:杉石,紫水晶,紫精灵水晶等。
  3. 白色水晶:Selenite, Howlite,蜡烛水晶等。
  4. 透明水晶:白水晶,历莫里亚水晶,幻影水晶等。