Message of Sirian Attunement Team
"Dear Children of The Stars, as your environment is pulsating at a faster pace, all of you will experience that your earth time is speeding up. When this happens, the atoms and molecules of your physical body will also strive to adapt to the fast velocity of the New Earth. Knowing that the old survival mechanism is still active in your body, sometimes it may develop programs or patterns which are not align to the vibration of LOVE due to the distorted energies in your system. This alignment of LOVE is crucial to anchor the right momentum into your Being for your existence in the Zone of LOVE. In this circle, we will transmit this gift of attunement to you for the right setting of your path. Open up your higher heart to receive from us. Blessings from Sirius."

Special Reminder: For this lovely circle, please bring along the following crystals:

  1. 4 clear/white crystal wands: Clear Quartz, Lemurian Crystal, Herkimer Diamond and etc.
  2. 1 palm-size pink crystal: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite and etc.