On this day of prosperity, the eighth day of Chinese New Year, the Divinities invite you to connect to your heart in receiving the Abundance of Positivity. They would like you to live in an empowering and abundant life as this is your birth right. A lot of people cannot recognize that their mind chatters in the subconscious mind is churning out blockages to hinder their life. You are a powerful being, so does your subconscious mind. It contains multiple layers of limitations which seek your attention to transcend them in strengthening your personal power. Cultivate your personal mastery and usher in this Abundance Power, let this prosperity flow be a part of YOU. Come and receive this Abundance Blessings in Grace!

Friendly Reminder: Dear Divine Ones, please bring along the following crystals for this meditation:

  1. Yellowish/golden crystal: Citrine, Pyrite, Golden Rutilated Quartz and etc;
  2. White/clear crystal: Clear Quartz, Lemurian Crystal, Selenite and etc.