Message from a Crystal Fairy
"More and more people are opening up to their own path. You will go into this process by recognizing the good part and the bad side of you. It is essential to understand that this is a Self-discovery process and it benefits your being inside out by knowing yourself as a true person. We want to remind you that when you initiate this process, please drop out all judgemental thinking towards your own self. Do not judge the bad part of you, they are merely the bad memories of your soul travelling through numerous lifetimes. Instead, focus on the good side of you to cultivate heaps of love, nurturance and care to cherish yourself."

Friendly Reminder: For this lovely circle, please bring along the following crystals:

  1. 1 piece of blue crystal: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Agate, Turquoise and etc.
  2. 4 pieces of clear/white crystal wand: Moonstone, Selenite, Clear Quartz and etc.