An in-depth private session that works through layers of relationship issues with your parents, inner child, companion, family, friends, colleagues, career, money, sexuality and other areas of life.

In your circle of friends, do you feel that you are being left out? Do you often need to exhaust yourself in order to get the attention and the approval of your parents? Have you ever wondered why you need to struggle in communing with your colleagues and superior?

In every form of relationship, the beauty and flaws of matters intertwine and co-exist together like a web. Good relationships assist and uplift you in your personal growth and vice versa. In this healing session, you will be guided to examine and understand the heavy limitations, blockages, distorted patterns and unresolved memories which are restricting you in exercising the righteousness of your roles. By realizing your available choices, you could choose to refine your relationship by letting go of the imbalances. Simultaneously, you are also asked to embrace the love, positive qualities and warmth of the relationships.

Through the proper guidance, you will connect and work with the crystals, Gods, Goddesses and the Light Beings under their therapeutic energies and nurturing techniques aim to assist you in exploring these points:

  • Disintegrate unpleasant patterns and memories e.g. abuse, addictions, depression, destructive behavior, OCD, eating disorder, poverty consciousness, controlling attitude in your system;
  • Recognize and retrieve the Power of Love to rebuild your constructive attitude in your roles; and
  • Adjust, improve and restructure the positive characteristics of your roles to enhance the relevant relationships.

Available online:
Please follow your heart to engage in this one-on-one consultation by sending a text via Facebook Messenger to book your online session based on the time slot availability. After securing your booking, please make your payment via the following PayPal button. We shall send a confirmation of appointment to you once we received the payment. Do take note that any cancellation of paid consultation and refund of fee are NOT ALLOWED. But, under sufficient reason and reasonable consideration, you may opt for a change of time slot or transfer it to another beneficiary (as in a real person).

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  1. Please gather and cleanse your crystals (if you have them) for consultation purpose.
  2. Do prepare some essential oils (if you have any) to apply them on your skin.
  3. Grab some cushions and a pillow, find a quiet and comfortable space for you to sit or lie down during your session.
  4. Please follow through the clear instructions under Google Meet or Skype to install the app on your preferred choice of electronic device. Under Google Meet, you may join this session via your web browser on your laptop or computer by clicking the provided web link.
  5. Kindly check on your internet connection, bandwidth and data plan prior to your session. It is advisable to use a tablet, laptop or computer with a broader screen and put on a pair of quality earphones for better internet streaming experience.

Energy Exchange (Fee):

SGD 170.00 (90 minutes)

SGD 225.00 (120 minutes)


"Tristen's healing works magic instantaneously. In a day, my life changed - I started working on projects I had put in the back burner, broke old patterns and opportunities just flowed. Everything happened gracefully and easily. I am grateful for Tristen's compassion in being readily available to help others, empower and nurture them. Thank you."

~ Mahi,
Kuala Lumpur~

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